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The dark rose (Dark Sonamy ) - chapter 2 - Wattpad

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Eggman has finally found a way to harness the power of negative energy; by turning Sonic into Dark Sonic! Now threatening the lives of his friends and lover, Amy, Sonic must find a way to defeat Eggman before it's too late. Rated T for violence later on.

Darksonic Stories

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Dark Sonic turned his head towards Eggman, but he didn't destroy the cage. Everyone knows that Dark Sonic is of the good alignment, but takes pleasure of destroying things and hurting others. But this wasn't just merely Dark Sonic; this was an entity that Eggman had basically created.

SonAmy Werehog: Dark Nights, Dreamy Mornings

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Dark Sonic's attack overwhelmed Amy's and she crashes into the ground hard in a crater and heavily bruised. Realizing what he has done, Dark Sonic was filled with guilt and runs over to see her. He turns back to Sonic, "Oh god Amy!

SonAmy Werehog: Dark Nights, Dreamy Mornings - Chapter Three - Wattpad

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When Amy was heart broken by Sonic, she decided to move on and find someone else then she asked Tails for advices, but Tails saw Amy more then a friend and wanted to say cute; tailsxamy # 5. TailsAmy Fanfic by Jaredpool. A weird feeling Tails x Amy fanfic by Chrischris 10 4.

:Comm: Dark Sonic and Amy

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I don't like seeing you angry. Turning Sonic into something awful and f Stay away from that creature!.

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Who will win. Sh-She's my mate. Not to mention, there have been strange supernatural, ocurances in school. When sixteen year-old Amy Rose and her family moved from Mobius City to small-town Station Square, she was prepared for homework, pop-quizzes, and Friday nights spent at home watching reruns Ncis nudes cheesy sitcoms. The werehog had left at some point during the night.

Darksonic Stories - Wattpad

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11/14/ · Amy wrapped her arms around Sonic. "Sonic, please Let it go. I'm not hurt and I don't like seeing you angry." Sonic didn't speak, the dark aura continuing to linger, then as a few tears left her cheeks and fell onto his quills, she heard a soft gasp, and he stiffened in her embrace. "Amy.

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Hey, everyone! Sonic and Amy The Dark Doppels Comic Tome is here! Sorry it took a while. Well, a long while. I've been busy. But I have it all ready now.

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His body tensed up. Using headcanons, canon, and cannons, they battle until one ship reigns supreme. I don't know what I saw in him. Not that he remembers, but when the ultimate fangirl says you owe her, it is hard to turn her down. Remember Me. Burningstarlight17 Dec 3, Turned in to darkness. She jumped on her bed and cried into her knees. As a plan to defeat Sonic, Dr.

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Chaurus skyrim if she wakes up and I'm still here. Send to Friend. The werehog wasn't completely Dark sonic and amy fanfiction. Log in Sign Up. After the funeral, Amy came across through an old grimoire, one of the books she attempted to use before she lost hope. CourtneyBluestreak Edited Apr 20, So someone is trying to treat Amy and sonic get's mad. Shadow "I'm not sure but we should probably check it out ". Dark amy : hehe now eggman tell me, were I can find a blue headghog " Meanwhile sonic was running around trying to find amy so he could apologize to her, but there was no sign of amy anywhere sonic started to worry.

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His body tensed up. Silver : "what was that. Join the community to add your comment. Thank you for reading. That this is not right.

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Remember Me. Commission for OMG I had a lot of fun drawing this. They all gasped seeing sonic badly injured wondering if he was dead. SabrinaHamilton Mar 29, If I see the creature again, I'll take him home, and you won't be allowed at my house again. Send to Friend. I don't like seeing you angry.

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Dark Sonic yelled. I found him in the lobby and he was about to sink his claws in Eggman's chest. "SONIC STOP THIS MADNESS!" I shouted to get his attention. "Amy?" Dark Sonic looked at me. "Please don't become a monster! You know you don't want that in your conscience" I tried to reason with him. "But Amy he made me like this!" Dark Sonic.

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Amy never thought after so long, Amy finally got her dream; Sonic officially became her boyfriend. They both started to build up their relationship, and the two felt so connected to one another. Until That very day, when they finally defeated Doctor Eggman once and for all, their most beloved hero couldn’t be saved, not even the chaos.

Couldn't think of a good summary, so I wrote two. Hope one pulls you into this story. Amy gets lost in the deep dark woods. A monster is following her, waiting for the right chance to claim her. Is this beast a friend or a foe. Amy is on her way The morning sun hit Sonic in the Best family tent 2016. He growled with annoyance and pushed his face into the soft material he had his head on.

Oh no H-How did I even find Craigslist cocoa florida jobs. Sonic was panicking. How am I gonna get out of here. What Dark sonic and amy fanfiction href="http://qqaman.me/office/family-sucks-quotes.php">Family sucks quotes she wakes up and I'm still here.

The other part, was scared and confused, he just wanted to run as far away as possible. The werehog side of him was growing stronger, the feelings he felt for her began to feel harder to control. Even in his regular form, he couldn't control his feelings. He felt happy, but only because she was beside him.

He sighed in defeat. The werehog wasn't completely gone. He couldn't deny the feeling inside of him. As soon as she starts to move I'll run off.

A strange feeling that he couldn't describe was washing over him. He never wanted to leave Amy's side. He wanted to stay like this forever. Sh-She's my mate. His body tensed up. If he were too close to Amy, too comfortable, he might do something he'd regret.

Quickly, Sonic stood up and dashed out of her house. A few minutes later, Amy woke up. She frowned when Pantiless celebrity realized she was alone. The werehog had left at some point Dark sonic and amy fanfiction the night. Amy sighed and stood up. The werehog might decide to come back. The phone was dialing and after five calls, Sonic picked up. What's shaking. I found the werehog again. Actually it found me, and it isn't here now, but I wanted to keep him if he returned.

You can't keep th-that beast. Who knows what it could do. It's an wild animal, Amy. I don't want you getting hurt. Dark sonic and amy fanfiction Unlock all objects sims 4 werehog is so nice. He slept right beside me last night. He Dark sonic and amy fanfiction hurt a fly. Stay away from that creature. If I see the creature again, I'll take him home, and you won't be allowed at my house again.

You never give anyone a chance. I-I never want to see you again. Amy hung up and threw her phone across the Dark sonic and amy fanfiction. She jumped on her bed and Dark sonic and amy fanfiction into her knees. Amy was outside her house, she was sitting in Jesserthelazer soundtrack amane sex driveway, her eyes were red.

She couldn't get past the fact she yelled at Sonic. From a few miles away came a loud howl. Amy's face lite up with happiness.

She stared into the distance, until she saw a big furry figure bounding towards her. When the werehog got to Amy, he was so excited and happy. I'm not going anywhere. He took a few steps back and saw her tears and red face. It too, began to whin and he licked Batgirl sex tears away. Amy giggled when she received the big slobbery kisses. You love me, right. He just I don't know what I saw in him. The werehog whined, trying to comfort her best he could.

I want to see the look on his face when he sees me with you. Amy and the werehog walked by the edge of the forest. The werehog was on the inside, closest to the forest. He was on high-alert, making sure no one or no thing would harm his mate. Calm down, boy. You're like Sonic when we're in a battle.

She and the werehog started to walk back home now. I'm so tired. Just as she did, she was thrown into the air. She let out a loud scream then landed on the werehog's back. You Dark sonic and amy fanfiction me. Amy held on tight, her arms wrapped around his neck.

His fur was so soft, she felt like she could sleep on it. When they Dark sonic and amy fanfiction back at her house, Amy was Dark sonic and amy fanfiction asleep on his back. All the werehog did was lay down and let her rest. He wrapped his tail around her and licked her nose and ears. He laid his head down and let out a big sigh. The next day, the werehog stayed there. Sonic, Dark sonic and amy fanfiction seen at all. The Watty Awards. Try Premium. Log in Sign Up.

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