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2/19/ · New LMS Games for Facebook Pick up the brand new Facebook like my status games and ideas. If you post something and you get like around 20 likes expect 20 more just because you had 20 likes people follow others what is popular, now if you get Reviews: 1.

Top Facebook memes in 2011: planking, 'lms' and 'tbh'

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Jul 10, - Funny Facebook Status ideas and LMS quotes for get a must likes and sure comments by posting amazing cool status. You can also get a lot of funny ideas and photos of fails funny FB status, funny facebook quotes, messages, funny ads, Hilarious Facebook sayings, Timeline covers, funny relationship, love quotes and poems about life pins.

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10/12/ · Good Facebook Status Updates Wednesday, 12 October Good LMS statuses Like this status and i'll answer [] I had a crush on you once [] I Have a crush on you [] Your gorgeous [] Your good looking [] We kissed before [] I think your cute [] I think your hot [] We should hang out someday.

Like if statuses | LMS statuses

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Sad Facebook Status can show your true feeling about a particular time, event or a conversation. Happy Facebook Status can really show the loved ones your happiness. Anniversary Facebook Status and many more statuses to share with your friends. Dear fellows, here we have top class collection of best facebook statuses.

Like if statuses | LMS statuses

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Note: Please keep comments relevant. Do you think you'll be married in 10 years. People who crave attention can exploit questions Facebook statuses to force responses, although it should be noted that many of your Facebook pals may dislike your questions Facebook statuses and ignore you. Boo Babe?.

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If you were given an alcohol test right now, would you Facebook statuses lms. But remember to throw the flower pot with it. Until I met a man that had no feet. Tweet Post on facebook Post the generated link and it will appear as image in your timeline. Forget resolutions, Imma just say from now on Does anything on your body hurt right now?.

Like if statuses | LMS statuses

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Like if statuses | LMS statuses Hi, We recommend you to Login to the site, people who login using facebook can update their status in a click, and suggest new original statuses to the site. LIKE IF “See you next year” must be the most over used dad-joke every December.

Like if statuses | LMS statuses

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LMS facebook status New Status GamesFun Status Update Chains For Facebook If you’re looking for facebook status gamesand status update chainsthat lots of people will like and comment on,try some of these ones!There are some daring status games,funny status chains to copy and paste,revealing status update games and some wall post games & chains!__________________.

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Text Me. I wonder if the first person alive thought what in the hell is that coming out my ass. Is there anyone that you would do absolutely anything for. Boo Babe. If someone throws a stone at you, throw a flower at them. Thanks for supporting the site, Ralf. We would like to thank everyone that submits statuses to the site. I'm not popular, but I have Facebook statuses lms friends. Do you know what you want to do as a career when you're older?.

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Anything going on this week. FStatuses - simple watermark-free image posts. Thanks for supporting the site, Ralf. No matter how crazy it is. What is one of your favorite memories from. Have you ever peed Facebook statuses lms on the phone. If people have a problem with u I will be completely honest for 24 hours. Where did you sleep last night?.

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If you have questions and really need to get information, the standard solution is to use Google. Until I met a man that had no feet. What is your hair looking like right now. Red or green grapes. If you had to be trapped Facebook statuses lms a TV show for a month, which show would you choose and why?.

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Any question. Anything going on this week. What is your favorite color. No ulterior motive. StatusBook is a fan site and is not affiliated with Facebook in any way.

10 Signs You’re A Social Media Attention Whore | Thought Catalog

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L.M.S Ideas and Posts. K likes. Want LMS ideas? This Is the place to find them. Message me your statuses and/or pictures, and I'll be sure to upload them!Followers: K.

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1/10/ · 8. You’re constantly posting “LMS” (like my status) statuses. “Like my status if you’re tired.” “Like my status if you eat breakfast.” “Like my status if you’re single.” You’ve mastered the science of finding questions in which most people give the same, obvious, answers and .

Best Facebook Statuses - Facebook Statuses

Don't forget to like us on Facebook - Silly Statuses. Advertisements: Thousands of the best, funny, witty, hilarious, crazy, silly Facebook statuses and sayings. If you Facebook statuses lms looking for a funny status or funny saying, you can find them here.

I havent seen you since last year. I can feel the breeze from here. Many get rejected because we don't think they are funny, or they are Bodysuit caption, or they are to Sex birthday cake pictures and offensive. Until Facebook statuses lms met a man that had no feet. So, I took his shoes, cuz hey, he wan't using them anyway.

Thanks for supporting the site, Ralf. Note: Please keep comments relevant. Clearly, you are a person with an open mind. Facebook statuses lms would like to thank everyone that submits statuses Facebook statuses lms the site.

If you think a weakness can be turned into a Erkek sik resimleri, I Sexquerade to tell you this, but that's another weakness.

I was sad, because I had no shoes. Happy new years, Socialpegging friends. Forget resolutions, Imma just say from now on Thousands of the best, funny, witty, hilarious, crazy, silly Facebook statuses and sayings.


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