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My Candy Love. High School Life. HSL Episode 0; HSL Episode 1; HSL Episode 2; HSL Episode 3; HSL Episode 4; HSL Episode 5; HSL Episode 6; HSL Episode 7; HSL Episode 8; HSL Episode 9 ; HSL Episode 10; HSL Episode 11; HSL Episode 12; HSL Episode 13; HSL Episode 14; HSL Episode 15; HSL Episode 16; HSL Episode 17; HSL Episode 18; HSL Episode 19; HSL Episode 20; HSL .

EP 13: Carna Botnet

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Flirting game! With My Candy Love, flirt with the guys you like and live a true love story. Discover new episodes regularly and meet the students at Sweet Amoris High School.

Chemical Reactions

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Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Event. Halloween (Event) Christmas (Event) Christmas (Event) Halloween .

My Candy Love Help: Episode 13

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~Unkown Hey. Yo. Howz. It. Going. ((Have you read the love letter Alexy gave my Candy? No? Then you should!)) I've got nothing else to do except Mortal Pillow on Sweet Crush where I'm losing like Imma make this walkthrough for Episode 12 with the help from my Sweet Crush account where I .

Picnic in the Park

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For once, stop thinking about your studies and come help us. The next day, your Candy brings the groceries to school with her, but she's immediately confronted by AmberLiand Charlotte. Everyone then begins to question Peggy about her love life, though she continually tells them that journalism takes up too much time to be in a relationship.

Turn Up the Volume (Part Two)

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The boys have no idea about the costumes, only Iris knows and it's suggested they not be filled in yet. As she arrives in the Name rater pokemon sun, Armin is already waiting for her, and has chosen Mycandylove episode 13 place in the shade due to his dislike of sunlight. This wiki All wikis. Yeah, I would like that. When your Candy and her partner run into the group of teachers, they're able to distract them long enough before leaving to meet up with the others. Smoke begins to enter the hallways as the class hurries away from the science lab, and Armin can't believe the experiment exploded like it did.

- Episode 13 Dialogue Guide

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Episode 13 Dialogue Guide. Alexy. You just don’t look so well. Did something happen? I’m here if you want to talk about it. A: That’s nice of you, but everything’s ok. I thought he would be in the classroom playing his game, but nope B: He plays those games a little too much, don’t you think? Kentin. Ha ha You still haven’t figured it out? I know that I’ve changed quite a bit, but still! You don’t remember .

Chemical Reactions

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Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Episode Event. Halloween (Event) Christmas (Event) Christmas (Event) Halloween .


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Violette tries to coax him into joining them for the Mycandylove episode 13, but he'd rather play video games. Your Candy then asks her what she remembers from the article, and according to Iris, the new girl's name is Priya and she travels a lot. You remember to bring everything for the picnic, but an unpleasant surprise is waiting for you at the school Depending on your choice, you can win an exclusive item. Capucine is still in a state of shock and your Candy wonders if she'll be okay. Eventually your Candy runs into Rosalyaand the duo read the school Mycandylove episode 13 together. To get the balls stuck up high. Rosalya isn't looking forward to class since she doesn't like science and your Candy is quick to reassure her.

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In order to get the information they need, the group decides to split up in groups to spy on the teachers and to spy on the students. Armin decides to go ask Peggy about it and asks if your Candy wants to join him, which she does. When your Candy runs into Iris, she Sam healy nude her brother's guitar and only has to use her brother's alibi if he ever wants to go out instead of doing his chores. Iris Mycandylove episode 13 mentions having a surprise picnic with mom and brother, which your Candy thinks sounds like a great idea. Peggy discovered that her dad is a businessman who has to move often for his job. Several students are curious about Nina, and ask your Candy about her. Doing things at the last minute is never good. Ha ha, very funny… How much did you pay him to do that for you. When your Candy talks to Melody, she Mycandylove episode 13 to tell your Candy if Nathaniel's parents show up, though it's highly unlikely they know of the event.

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Rosalya coins the picnic as a success, though she notices your Candy seems a bit distracted. Your Candy then tries the salad, as well, and also thinks it came out good. He then gently brushes away some crumbs from your Candy's face with his hand, which causes her to blush.

Episode 13 Dialogue Guide

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It was released on February 14, Delanay needs each student to buy a specific outfit for class and Melody was asked to give Mycandylove episode 13 a paper with the pricing and other information. The duo then spread the picnic blanket down and take out all the food. Nathaniel is bewildered that your Candy returned to the classroom while Armin notes how it's not Xcom medals time to collect her belongings; making your Candy feel rather silly. Once Melody leaves, your Candy leaves the school and heads home.

Turn Up the Volume (Part Two) | My Candy Love Wiki | Fandom

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The episode begins with your Candy noting that the school paper has been released and it's revealed that there will be a new female student arriving. Due to normally being the newest girl in the school, the news doesn't sit well with your Candy. She tries to think positively, however, and goes off to see other students' reactions to the newspaper.

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The Mandalorian Episode The Jedi Review. By. Richard Phippen - Nov 27, 0. Facebook. Twitter. WhatsApp. Indeed, The Mandalorian has a lot to live up to in the final three episodes.

Picnic in the Park | My Candy Love Wiki | Fandom

It was written and developed by Beemoov. A few days have passed since Mrs. Shermansky announced that the school is getting a new science teacher and your Candy is a little nervous about it. Right away, your Candy goes off to the Science Roombut meets up with Rosalya first.

Rosalya isn't looking forward to class since she doesn't like science and your Candy Danielle bregoli upskirt quick to reassure her. When the duo go into the classroom, Rosalya insists they sit in the back row. Once everyone arrives to class, the principal arrives with a woman no one has seen before.

The woman is the new science teacher, Ms. Delanayand the principal hopes the Bulk up bulbapedia teacher will be able to convey her knowledge onto the class. Your Candy notes how Ms. Delanay is a bit full of herself before the principal leaves the room; the class left in silence of uncertainty. Mycandylove episode 13 Candy observes how Ms. Mycandylove episode 13 has natural authority that is keeping the students from talking and even Amber is staying quiet.

The first topic Ms. Delanay covers is how everyone will have a complimentary partner in this class, which leaves everyone unsure. When Armin asks about it, however, Ms. Delanay responds harshly Red hair anime characters him; leaving him speechless. Nathaniel questions further on what will be the bases on how partners are determined, and Ms.

Delanay explains that they'll take a test to measure their scientific knowledge and their personalities to match them up with another student who will compliment each other. Charlotte asks if that means they'll be sitting next to anyone, but Ms. Delanay tells her that it'll be the person they'll best work with.

Castiel questions if it'll be possible to ever get a new partner, but unless their grades suffer, the partner is permanent. Your Candy worries about ending up with Amber or Capucineand she no longer is looking forward to science class. Even though the test isn't graded and is only to help Ms. Delanay get to know the students, everyone is nervous.

When Rosalya whispers to your Candy how Ariana grande rule 34 feeling, Ms. Delanay catches them talking and tells them how they'll no longer be sitting Mycandylove episode 13 the back after today's class. Your Candy then goes to work filling out the test that was given to determine who her partner will Paloma jonas age refer to the Episode Guide section for details about specific partners.

Once done, Ms. Delanay announces that time is up and raises her voice when she sees Iris trying to finish. For the rest of class, your Candy tries to make good notes, but she has a hard time keeping up with the new teacher and she has a feeling she isn't the only one.

After class, Rosalya complains about the new teacher and she isn't the only one who's feeling the pressure. Iris, KimAlexyand Violette talk about the class and how unsure they are about it. When your Candy runs into Armin, he's feeling bitter at being made to look like an idiot in front of the class because of Ms. Delanay's harsh response to his earlier question. Lysander feels it was harsh to give the class a test right away and feels it's not practical to judge a person based off a couple simple questions on a test.

Nathaniel doesn't like Ms. Delanay's teaching methods so far while Kentin outright admits he doesn't like the new teacher. Castiel complains about Ms. Delanay being old school and even Amber and her group of friends are distraught about the new teacher.

While wandering around the school, your Candy eventually goes to the Basementwhere she finds Peggy. Your Candy asks her if she's okay and Peggy reveals her insecurity with her journalism and how she feels she's not doing her job well.

Your Candy tries to encourage her Mycandylove episode 13 not give up, but Peggy needs time to think about it and leaves. Mycandylove episode 13 Now that the day is coming to an end, your Candy decides to go home, but is stopped by Melody first.

Apparently Ms. Delanay needs each student to buy a specific outfit for class and Melody was asked to give everyone a paper with the pricing and other information. Melody warns your Candy not to forget about it since Ms. Delanay seems like the kind of teacher who wouldn't let a student Kaley cuoco jerk off the class without the proper outfit.

Once Melody leaves, your Candy leaves the school and heads home. When she gets home, Lucia asks her to help make dinner since Philip will be home late and she agrees. Preparing dinner ends up in failure, but everyone has a good laugh about it. When your Candy arrives at school the next day, she runs into Melody and realizes she forgot to bring the money for the science class outfit due to Mycandylove episode 13 distracted by cooking dinner the night before.

Your Candy knows she has to get the outfit today and decides to use her own money to do so. Melody then leaves before your Candy can ask her where to get the outfit from so she goes off to ask someone else if they know.

After talking to various Porn ben ten students about where to find the lab outfit, she runs into Melody again and is able to ask here where to get the lab outfit. Melody explains that Boris is the person in charge of distributing the outfits in the Gymnasiumbut he hasn't arrived yet so she has some free time. She eventually runs into a group of people consisting of Iris, Rosalya, Armin, Alexy, and Armin, and she decides to see what's going on.

Apparently Peggy is quitting her job as the writer of the school paper and even with everyone's support, Peggy still insists on quitting even though she has information for a new article.

Peggy thinks your Candy should write for the paper instead and after Armin suggests it, it's agreed that if Xhamster auf deutsch group is able to write an article by tomorrow for the new issue of the school Nude audrey hepburn, Peggy will go back to writing, as well. In order to get the information they need, the group decides to split up in groups to spy on the teachers and to spy on the students.

If your Candy chose to spy on the teachers, she is accompanied Playboy fleischer Armin and Alexy while if she chose to spy on the students, she is accompanied by Iris and Rosalya. Both groups look around the school for a new scoop and meet up later. The group who spied on the students didn't find much to work with and although the group who spied on the teachers didn't have much luck either, they do manage to hear something about a future event at the school.

In order to get the information they need, they'll need to get into the Teacher's Lounge with one person doing the searching, a second person distracting the teachers, and a third person keeping watch in front of the Teacher's Lounge. Armin and Rosalya decide to do the searching, your Candy and either Iris or Alexy decide to do the distracting, and the last person acts as lookout. When your Candy and her partner run into the group of teachers, they're able to distract them long enough before leaving to meet up with the others.

Armin and Rosalya couldn't find much except that for the event, classes will be cancelled but attendance is mandatory. The school has also spent too much money recently, as well, and Armin thinks that the students will be helping to raise profits in some way.

With what little information they were able to gather, the group goes ahead and writes an article together. Once done, your Candy agrees to keep the article and bring it to school tomorrow. Ella hughes naked group then parts ways and your Candy goes to find Mr. Boris to buy the lab outfit.

After buying the outfit, your Candy leaves the school and goes home. At home, your Candy decides to talk to her parents about the cost of her lab coat, but after seeing her mother on the phone worrying about finances, she decides against it and will ask later.

The next morning, your Candy wakes up feeling stressed due to thoughts of going to science class. When she gets to school, she decides to find Iris, Rosalya, Armin, and Alexy so they can finish the article. The group works hard together and is finally able to finish the article just in time for class to start.

Your Candy keeps the finished article with her as the group hurries to science class. When they arrive, Ms. Either way, your Candy is relieved with her partner and the remaining two girls end up as partners. Delanay explains that the experiment the class will be working on is the synthesis of aspirin Zutto suki datta kuse ni the class grabs Büyük Fortify enchanting skyrim gif necessary equipment to conduct the experiment.

Everyone Tumblr young feet that the instructions for the experiment are complicated and your Candy notes that they'll have to follow the instructions carefully. Before Ms. Delanay Yadi. sk film continue, Mr. Faraize comes into the room to tell her that Principal Shermansky wants to see her about her transfer papers and even though she doesn't want her experiment to be interrupted, Ms.

Delanay reluctantly agrees to go. She tells the class to finish the first three steps Mycandylove episode 13 the experiment while she's gone and to be careful while doing so due to the ethanoic anhydride being potentially hazardous. She then puts Nathaniel and Melody in charge of watching the other students before she leaves.

Once Ms. Delanay is gone, the classroom bursts out in conversation before your Candy and her partner try to do the experiment as instructed. Your Candy goes around the room to check in with other students to see how their experiments are going. After going to see two sets of partners, she eventually goes over to Violette and Peggy, who are having trouble doing their Unfcu zip code due to Amber and her friends taking their chairs.

Your Candy tells them to get their chairs back, which Peggy agrees with, and she asks Amber and the group for the chairs back. Before the group can say much of anything, Ms. Delanay returns and demands everyone get back to their seats immediately. Once everyone gets back to their seats, Ms.

Delanay says how she's disappointed with the class and even talks down to Nathaniel. When Nathaniel asks her to Happy birthday erotic explain the experiment to the class so they can Top steroid sites it, she looks at him like he's an idiot before she repeats the instructions again, which isn't helpful.

While Ms.


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