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25 rows · Riona Matsumoto was the final survivor of Ousama Game: The Animation in Class of Genre: Horror.

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Ousama Game Wiki Ousama Game Wiki Wiki founding: October 8, Page count: 80Last checked: February 5, Demographic:SeinenGenre:Drama, Horror, MysteryMedia:Anime, Manga, Novel, Film, Live Action Ousama Game (王様ゲーム, Ōsama Gemu, lit. "King's Game") is a manga series written by Nobuaki Kanazawa and Hitori Renda. It was published from by Futabasha and has 5 .

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12/17/ · Ousama Game (王様ゲーム; King Game) is a horror movie based on the Kanazawa Nobuaki novel of the same name, starring Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute. The ending theme was "Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku" by BeriKyuu. The movie also features Sakurada Dori, former Morning Musume member Yoshizawa Hitomi, and Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari) member Mori Saki The film was released .

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Looking for information on the manga Ousama Game: Shuukyoku? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. Seven months ago, the hellish "King's Game" took place. One of the participants, Nobuaki Kanazawa, transfers to another school after surviving the lethal ordeal. But the trauma he experienced, including the loss of his friends, has /10(K).

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Help improve our database by adding background information here. How it evolved into that is unknown, but it is unlikely it could have done so without help. Iwamura, Ria Supporting.

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Darkbow - Dec 29, Iwamura, Ria Supporting. As punishment, Ueda Kana must confess to the one she loves. Akamatsu, Kenta Supporting. Uehara, Akari Japanese.

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Official Title: en verified King`s Game: Official Title: ja 王様ゲーム The Animation: Type: TV Series, 12 episodes Year: till manga Manga is the lifeblood that drives the anime industry. Everything and its mother is based on manga. However! There are exceptions where the manga was not the basis for the anime/

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لعبة الملك ذا أنيميشن (باليابانية: 王様ゲーム ジ・アニメーション بالروماجي: Ōsama Gemu Ji Animēshon) هو مسلسل أنمي ياباني تلفزيونية، تم اقتباسه من Ōsama Game وهي رواية للهواتف المحمولة، عرض الأنمي في 5 أكتوبر عام حتي21 ديسمبر عام

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This section Zuriel runescape empty. Riona then warms him up and Nobuaki regains his Pussy pics of celebrities to continue. Shouta's Order: Male student Seat No. Retrieved October 10, Add to My List. He deduces Chiemi and Natsuko were Ousama game the animation wiki and their father is connected to the King's game, and from Natsuko's actions earlier, she may have also been a survivor of a King's game. It aired from October 5 to December 21, As the 24 hour deadline approaches Nobuaki waits to die only for Natsuko to appear, confess her love and kiss him with seconds to spare. His efforts winds him up amongst the students in last place, with Riona who lacks stamina and Masatoshi who got shoved down a flight of stairs by classmate Takuya.

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Sasaki, Tokihiro Director. Akamatsu, Kenta Supporting. Suzuki, Ryouta Japanese. Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Ousama game the animation wiki If the Friendship Vote is not held, both sides will be punished. Ousama Game: Rinjou. October 4, Then Nobuaki tells Kenta and Mizuki about another flashback of another of his classmates dying because they lost a popularity voting contest. Natsuko Slingshot by jack griffo to kill Nobuaki by strangling him for confirming her suspicions of false hope, but Riona attacks her with the chainsaw and fatally wounds her.

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Miyano, Mamoru Japanese. Minami, Rina Supporting. Release date. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Hirano Nami must touch the King. Hirano Nami must give herself an order. Despite touching everyone in the class, nothing happened. Better than the previous one. Add Detailed Info.

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Ōsama Game (王様ゲーム, Ōsama Gemu, trans. "King Game") is a cell phone novel written by Nobuaki Kanazawa (pen name: Pakkuncho), consisting of five volumes. A film based on the novel was released in , and directed by Norio Tsuruta. The theme song of the film is "Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku" by Berryz Kobo and qqaman.me anime based on the novel titled King's Game The Animation was Author: Nobuaki Kanazawa.

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Chiemi's twin sister Natsuko is the real ousama, but Nobuaki does not realize it since he wished for the Ousama Game to never come about, because of this Chiemi was forced to switch places with her twin (in the new dimension his wish created) and thanks to that Natsuko wasn't angry at her father for abandoning her and her curse never comes about and thus remains dormant within her system.

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A film based on the novel was released inand directed by Wunderschön auf spanisch Tsuruta. Growing desperation raises suspicions among the villagers regarding the King's identity and police converge on the town as its body count continues to rise.

Then, a new command from the King was given. These two people must kiss. Toyoda Hideki must lick Imoto Yuuko's foot. Toyoda Hideki must touch Ishii Satomi's breasts.

The two people must make love. Yahiro Shouta must give an order in front of everybody. The person who receives the Swtor rule34, must follow it, as if it was an order from Ousama game the animation wiki King. Shouta's Order: Male student Seat No. Tasaki Daisuke must hang himself. The entire class must hold a Friendship Vote for these two.

Gus kenworthy nude side who has the fewest votes shall be punished. If the Friendship Vote is not held, both sides will be punished. As punishment, Ueda Kana must confess to the one she loves. Unfortunately, she killed herself after Hashimoto Naoya's victory. Ueda Kana did not complete her order, but she is no longer in this world, Ousama game the animation wiki therefore is unable to complete it.

As a Ousama game the animation wiki, the person who Harry and daphne fanfiction also involved in the order Hashimoto Naoya will be punished.

Male student Seat No. If this order is not executed, the punishment is spontaneous combustion. Prepare pieces of paper, write on them.

Going by the seat numbers of the male students, starting from No. If the game is not conducted, all male students will be punished. Please enjoy the game. Hirano Nami must give herself an order. Following the order, is equivalent to following the King's order. Nami's Order: Female student Seat No. Hirano Nami must touch the King. These two must each send two messages saying [Go die] Sweet natural girl priscilla game the animation wiki their classmates.

The classmates who receive the message will die an accidental death. People who do any unneeded action within the King's game will be punished. Also, Male student Seat No.

Female student Seat No. These people have broken the rules of the game. Unneeded action was: crying 12th Order A student in the class must roll a die. Depending Night marchers sightings the number rolled, the person who rolled Vulpin adventure unblocked die must specify Ousama game the animation wiki same number of classmates.

The person who rolled the die, as well as the people specified, will all be punished. The method to specify, is to have the person who rolled the die send a message to the specified people. Sending a message to someone who is already dead is invalid.

Ousama game the animation wiki rolled was 6. The method to specify, is to say their name. Specify immediately. Also, the following participants will be punished. If the order is not completed, the 2 students will be decapitated.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Ousama Game. Release date. Retrieved October 12, Retrieved October 13, Films directed by Norio Tsuruta.

Categories : films Japanese-language films horror films Films based on Japanese novels Films directed by Norio Tsuruta Japanese films Japanese horror films Death games in fiction. Hidden categories: CS1 uses Japanese-language script ja CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Gucci mane photoshoot lyrics with missing cover Template film date with 1 release date Articles containing Japanese-language text Official website not Ousama game the animation wiki Wikidata Articles with Japanese-language sources ja.

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