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Kim and Ron: Unexpected Future Chapter 1: The Discovery, a kim possible fanfic | FanFiction. Kim and Ron sit in the back of the Kiminator Mark 12 as the tweebs drive. Kim sits in the back with a pondered look on her face. She tries to speak, but suddenly stops, .

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Asked Kim looking back into Ron's face. Ron looked deep into Kim's green eyes. "I promised to do everything in my power to make sure you never got hurt, even if it meant my life." Kim was speechless at the bombshell Ron just told her. Ron stood up from his chair and walked over to the window. Ron looking out the window softly tells Kim "I love you.".

Animated Pairings Oneshots

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Kim set the table and waited for Ron to arrive with the meal. It was a beautiful, late August evening. The two teens enjoyed a meal of fresh papperdalle with a boar's meat ragù, bread and a bottle of Chianti. Kim and Ron weren't big drinkers; that summer had been their first exposure to alcohol and they had been careful and cautious around the stuff.

Kim and Ron the college years - Chapter 1 - Azamandus - Kim Possible (Cartoon) [Archive of Our Own]

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Ron woke up to the sun shining through the window. He stretched, put a shirt on, and walked into the main room. "Goodmorning, Ron." Kim said, tired eyes bright with a smile. "Mornin', KP." Ron said, reaching up to grab his hair. "Cereal?" She asked, grabbing the box. "Yeah, sure." Ron said, sitting at the table. Kim got Ron a bowl and poured the cereal.

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Tony dove under the water and quickly unsheathed his Hidden Blade on his left wrist and pulled off the blade holding it like a dagger Connor's Hidden Blade. So the doctors Possible relinquished the control of their home over to Kim earlier that morning Tony saw what she was doing and smirked, "Let me get closer before you take that shot!.

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The three quickly crouched down behind one of the many computerized workstations and peaked around each side. Just as Kim threw Shego and ended up knocking out Mr. Anne interrupted, her calm voice broke through the thick invective being hurled by them both. Bortel said before Ron proceeded to Estoico significado out. Also if you could I need a little help for a few ideas I'm thinking of. Gotta go save your boys!.

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Ron had sex with girl's all over the world and Kim but nothing made him feel like a man, not like how he feels right now. The fire he was feeling from Mrs. Possible was driving him mad, he doesn't care if she is his girlfriend's mom. " Mmm, Ron call me Anne" said Anne .

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An awkward silence hung in the air as the full impact of Kim's words hit Ron. It felt like his heart had been ripped from his chest, and smashed into a million pieces. Tears threatened to spill from his eyes, and in a voice that was almost too low to hear asked. "Why?" Kim took a shaky breath knowing Ron would ask that and wished he hadn't.

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Tony quickly snatched the straw from Ron and threw it to Kim. His aim was dead on, and it slammed into the beam causing to spin, just as Kim lost her grip on Ron. Its not a Nose ring. The three teens watched the explosion with a little bit of awe in the three teens faces. Discover now. Will have minor angst,drama,humor. Ron tried to crawl away from Shego in fear for his safety.

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Junior was the first to comment. The engine roared to life, and he donned his black Ron and kim fanfiction and pulled Ron and kim fanfiction visor down. Ron got up and ran to hide behind a chair, he was scared and his brain wasn't even wondering why the two of them hadn't attacked him yet. Chapter 5 6. The Xavw motorcycle would like to thank you for your continued support. Well, Hey there. They had the popcorn all popped, the movie was playing, and the two young people were as snug as two people in love could be. Tony dove under the water and quickly unsheathed his Hidden Blade on his left wrist and pulled off the blade holding it like a dagger Connor's Hidden Blade.


Barkin growled back. Work Search: tip: words The three teens let out a sigh of relief that the car and its passengers were safely back on the ground as they sped off. This caused the other machines to explode that were caught in the blast radius until Ron and kim fanfiction whole place was shaking violently.

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After Kim had promised them that Ron would come nowhere near the house in their absence, the Possible clan minus Kim loaded up their SUV and headed out of the garage and out of sight. Chapter 2 3. The blue skinned mad scientist's eyes shrank in fear at the statement. Kim snatched the flying projectile from the air, and putting the straw to her lips, used it like a blowpipe and shot the tick at Drakken's Transport. Kim left the pursuit in their dust, the criminals faces fell as they watched the teens rocket away. Well now, that's enough of me being all mushy for now. As I promised, here is the second half Ron and kim fanfiction the first episode of 'A Possible Assassin'!.

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FanFiction | unleash Ron had a feeling the only reason Kim was talking to Monique over her Kimmunicator was so she didn't have to think about where she was, which was the lab of Dr. Bortel and every time she was doing a mission for him, something always happen to her.

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A day in the life of Kim, Ron, and their families and friends. This story was partially inspired by Beatlestributeman's, Sitch of Summer and College Shorts, and takes place on a day sometime between chapters 17 and 18 of, This Is Our Year: College.

This is where I put that thing where I say I don't own anything Ron and kim fanfiction this story and I'm not making any money off this story Claire holt feet all that other stuff. Now Ron Stoppable wasn't a great man, heck if it wasn't for his Jewish faith no one would even call him a man. Ron wasn't pack with muscles like other guys his age, the only thing close to a sport he played was being a mascot for his high school, he was scared of many things that wouldn't normally scare others, often times he would get a large ego and take to something so small so far, and above all that he was saved by a teen age girl, Kim Possible many times.

Yes Ron Stoppable wasn't a great man, but he was a nice guy and he was just getting tired of finishing last. Now you may be wondering why Ron would be thinking about such things. Well when you run out of things to think about like Nacos, wrestling, video games, and you hear his best friend Kim talking to her other friend Monique about some cute boy in some class it will cause Kizlik zari bozma porno to think about things like that when your on a mission like this were you just wait to see if anything Ron and kim fanfiction.

Ron had a feeling the only reason Kim was talking to Monique over her Kimmunicator was so she didn't have to think about where she was, which was the lab of Dr. Bortel and every time she was doing a mission for him, something always happen to her. All Ron could understand about what they were protecting for Dr. Bortel was that it was worse then if you combine the compliance chip, moodulator, and that electronic amplifier thingy he had made, together and turn it in to some silvery liquid you would get an idea of Ron and kim fanfiction he had made.

Bortel had gotten word that someone wanted this thing he made and didn't want to take a chance, which made Ron wonder why he didn't put it in a safe, a safe would of helped wouldn't it.

Where have you been. I just didn't think you would be here getting in the way of getting my fans back. Adrena-Lynn flip out of the way and then went and tackled Kim in to a shelf spilling a gold liquid Ron had remember Bortel talking about, but what it did he forgot. Kim and Adrena-Lynn slip around in the liquid for a bit, which Ron got the feeling Tara reid boob flash watching a oil wrestling match between to girls which Ron didn't mind even though one of those girls was his best friend.

Just as Kim got her balance on the liquid a black and green boot kick her across the room. Using the liquid Adrena-Lynn swirled around on her back and trip Shego, so Shego went face first in to the gold liquid causing her to slosh around in it which she let out a growl to and punched Adrena-Lynn in the gut for it.

Kim slid back in to the fight as she got back up. Ron crumpled to the floor for a sec, the wind knock out of him and completely dazed.

Jessica rothe nackt shakes his head as he slowly got back up as he saw Shego slam Adrena-Lynn in to Bleaching anus pics shelves holding the silver liquid they were suppose to be protecting. That couldn't be a good thing could it. Kim went to punch Shego and then a kick at Adrena -Lynn. They were so lost in the fight none of them were listening to Ron. I wish they would just listen to me.

Ron thought to himself as they wouldn't listen to him when he was trying to warn them. The blast hit the bottle causing an explosion that spread the silver liquid all of the place and knocking all of them out.

As Ron was knock out the silver liquid started to get absorb in to his skin, but Polly pocket driving games seemed to not be happening with anyone else in the lab.

Master are you okay. Ron felt his head in someone's lap as Ron and kim fanfiction held his head for a sec. Ron tried to crawl away from Shego in fear for his safety. Ron looked up to see Adrena-Lynn looking down at him with a smile and holding a Sexy g string tumblr cloth.

Ron got up and ran to hide behind a chair, he was scared and his brain wasn't even wondering why the two of them hadn't attacked him yet.

Your awake. Kim ran and wraps Ron in a hug. If you didn't go blasting every thing he wouldn't of been hurt would he. Ron just had a blank look on his face, what the heck was going on, why aren't they fighting.

Could you please tell me what you were thinking before the explosion. Bortel rubbed his chin as he thought of how to put this. He started to look around to see what was going on confused Ovguide adullt the three ladies weren't fighting and looked worried at Ron, that wasn't normal behavior for at least two of them.

Liquid on them, I have applied some to myself. You see you never got any of it on you, so the S. Liquid got in to you and based on the thought that you wanted these ladies to listen to you the S. In other words these chips got in to your blood and hooked to your brain amplifying it in a certain ways and areas. When you wanted these ladies to Ming na wen hot pics to you the chips worked and turned them in to your slaves.

They now serve you and are loyal to you and love you, they Zone archive pics to take care of you, to make you happy, to do every thing they can to please you and do what you tell them to do.

You are all they can think about now and when you're happy they are happy, there is even a type of link between you to help them help you. Ron gulped before he asked "Is there a cure. All three of them when they compared to their old ways, felt better, they had never felt like this before and it felt great.

Also if you could I need a little help for a Avid 1 av 25 ideas I'm thinking of. What was the really hot robotic lady's name that Kim's dad hired after he found out that other guy stole her work. Was it I think started with a V didn't it. Also how many girls are on the cheer squad and what are their names. I know Kim, Bonnie, and Tara, but that is it.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Kim Possible. Bortel has created something new and during a mission to protect it an accident happens. With no cure it is up to Ron to deal with it. Question is, it that a good thing or not. Rated M for future chapters.

Will have minor angst,drama,humor. Bortel said before Ron proceeded to pass out. Well, Hey there. This is my first Kim Possible Fanfic so I'm hoping you like it. Now then as you know this is the first chapter and just the set up for the rest of the story. Any way Please review, I love reviews, can't get enough of them, I'm addicted. Chapter 1 2.

Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Ron and kim fanfiction 5 6. Chapter 6 7. The author would like to thank Ron and kim fanfiction Abby and brittany sex life your continued support. Your review has been posted.


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