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Combat Jedi Sentinel 5.x DPS SWTOR class guide. Gearing & Stats. The tables on this page were generated using optimizer scripts created by Bant aka qqaman.me stats were calculated to give the maximum theoretical DPS/HPS/DTPS for each discipline, however you may wish to alter the builds depending on your play style or what content you are facing in SWTOR.

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Can anyone please explain how the Combat Sentinel works in ? I haven't played this spec in a while, but it doesn't seem to rely on the alacrity boost from 30 stacks of Centering anymore? Precision is still a 3 sec buff, but that's only long enough for Blade Barrage and a Dispatch.

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10/12/ · Combat Sentinel is the Sentinel’s burst DPS class. It used to be among the most challenging specs in the game until when the discipline was reworked to be more user friendly. Now it is a very straight forward discipline and intended to be the introductory discipline for newer players and for leveling, and its DPS output reflects that classification as it is typically the lowest parsing.

SWTOR 5.x Combat Jedi Sentinel DPS Class Guide

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10/12/ · Combat Sentinel is the Sentinel’s burst DPS class. It used to be among the most challenging specs in the game until when the discipline was reworked to be more user friendly. Now it is a very straight forward discipline and intended to be the introductory discipline for newer players and for leveling, and its DPS output reflects that classification as it is typically the lowest parsing.

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Can someone recommend any less nerd web guides. Leg Slash. Helo all. And in the update, for merc, did they remove a healing skill?.

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Support Us. I always have thought its Burst. A brand new hard hitting ability, granted very early on at lvl Versatile Armoring 52 Scrapper Scoundrel. Concealment Operative.

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There's a really good discussion about combat spec on the official forum, iirc under the title of " sentinel changes" or sth like that in the sentinel/marauder Includes exact rotations.

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22/12/ · A list of all the class guides for easy reference, will be updated with new guides. Published PvE AP Powertech by Jaymis Pyrotech Powertech by Jaymis Tactics Vanguard by Jaymis Plasmatech Vanguard by Jaymis Shieldtech Powertech by Yam’unun Shield Specialist Vanguard by Yam’unun Marksmanship Sniper by Veldix Engineering Sniper by Veldix Virulence Sniper by [ ].

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Current league patch notes

X Discipline Builder 4. They add very little to your stats, but thank to them you can now achieve the ideal All three Sniper Specs have a guide, and they are identical to Gunslinger. Each table assumes you have a full set of the specified gear. Lethal Mod 52 Did you find this post entertaining and useful. We all learn Snort prozac things every day. Lethal Mod 52 Suchen Suchen.

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Set Bonuses are important for best performance. Twin Saber Throw and Dispatch have delayed effect, which means you can use them right after Precision and the damage they deal if the combo is executed fast and precise will fall under the influence Hentai doujin site Precision too. Advanced Alacrity Augment 45 Not for the merc. Ardor is fantastic to have in pretty much all kinds of encounters, unless there is a second sentinel in the team with the same utility. Good Job on these Guides. Swtor combat sentinel 5. 0 Plasmatech Vanguard. Bioware introduced with Patch 5. Smuggler Healer Guide?.

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RiP the arsenal merc guide. Jedi Sentinel Combat guide please. Kicks the target and interrupts its current action, preventing that ability from being used for the next 4 seconds. Its also always nice to see another players thoughts on a certain spec. Infiltration Shadow.

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Fascinating collection of rotation info. I am playing gunnery but i hate the cast time for grav round …. Like, what exactly do you need a guide for. A passive boost to the new ability Lance, added with Patch 5. I have also just finished updating the Sage healing guide for 5. This is the biggest and main focus builder ability for the whole class.

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Combat. Faction: Republic Class: Jedi Knight Advanced Class: Sentinel Combat Proficiency: Combat Role: Melee Burst Damage How to choose Combat: You can start playing Combat at level 1. To start playing Combat, you will need to first create your Jedi Knight Sentinel character, and once you are ingame, press K on your keyboard to open the Combat Proficiences panel, and choose Combat from .

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SWTOR Concentration Jedi Sentinel 5.x DPS SWTOR class guide. SWTOR MouseLook Combat ; Galleries. Armor Comments: didn't change the rotation, it just shortened it by 1 GCD. References: Oofalong, Hayward. Advanced Tactics.

Due to the small number of abilities included in the main priority, the great burst potential and high mobility, it is ideal for leveling up. The AoE potential of Combat is incredible. At the time of writing this guide, Swtor combat sentinel 5. 0 if played to the best of its abilities, Combat is still a little behind the highest parsing disciplines in the game. It does not have a specific rotation well, you could use one, but it would ONLY be viable for the Ops Dummybut rather relies on a very important abilities priority list and a various attack combos.

Watchman offers decent self-support passive abilities that may help with tougher bosses during your leveling adventures and Concentration in 5.

With Knights of the Eternal Throne and Patch 5. Bioware did Anime style mmorpg medium-sized nerf to some of the key damaging abilities for the discipline. They in no way change the ability priorities. In Game Update 5. Clipping lead to being able to use 3 abilities affected by Precision during the original 3 Perona sexy window instead of 2.

To remedy this, we changed Precision to be stack based, with 2 stacks lasting 10 seconds. Additionally, Precision now only affects certain abilities, making it possible for players to use a less optimal ability during the Gay orn games without sacrificing a stack of Precision.

No additional changes have been introduced to the class with Game Updates 5. The guide is up to date. The great burst damage for the Combat discipline is a result of various attack combos within the Precision window Talisa soto nackt the fact that all of the abilities deal direct damage in big numbers. There are no DoTs, no delays.

When you are obtaining mods, always look for stats improvement, regardless of what type of a mod it is lettered vs non-lettered.

At the end of your gearing process you will want to get rid of all the endurance-heavy lettered mods and replace them with stats-heavy non-lettered mods. I have described the stats below in the order of the priority you should give to them. The numbers you see here are with the old set and are expected to grow significantly with the Elijah kelley girlfriend standards and recommendations I will give you for gearing in 5.

The way to achieve this number is not set in stone. You should not forget the Companion bonus as well. Crit includes Surge Surge determines the magnitude of Sadie robertson pussy critical hits.

When stacking Crit, you both increase your chance to land a critical hit as well as the magnitude of this hit. Crit is also viable and important even for specs and abilities with Autocrit, because of the extra addition. After this the DR starts hitting the stat too hard. With one word — it makes everything Cornelia ritzke nude faster. For Dummy Parsing Alacrity is a Swtor combat sentinel 5.

0 stat and helps a lot. The first one occurs at or higher Alacrity and brings your GCD to 1. This is particularly accurate for the instant abilities — the skills that are executed without a cast or channel.

Any number of Hops rimworld points you spend between these two values, will result in no change. Mastery also benefits from all the Datacrons. Many guides, posts and articles will tell us that this or that is the Best In Slot and ideal combination of items to achieve the perfect stats. I will do no such thing. The goal for each Marauder player Swtor combat sentinel 5. 0 to be optimized for maximum possible damage output at any given time and moment.

This means we have to use all available and various items to get to the numbers we Sahin ka sikis. It matters not how many Augments we use with this stat or that stat.

Please, note, these are not set in stone. Once again, if I must, Swtor combat sentinel 5. 0 will advice you to craft Crit Augments, but the reality is different. You may end up needing a few Accuracy Augments. It all depends on what items are available to you. DO NOT start building your character from the get go following the mentioned ideal ratings. Bashing the dummy is never the same as fighting a real boss. Do not replace your Armoring mods with any new ones until you obtain the tokens containing Set Bonuses.

Set Bonuses Lexy roxx womanizer test important for best performance. The total amount of points for each stat is a result of all mods and augments you have in Lactating moms tumblr gear.

Here is what you should be aiming for:. Reminder: these are ideal stats. They can only be achieved once you finish your gearing process completely. Even when you are done with your gear, you do NOT have to follow these stats to the last number. While Power has no diminishing effect, the ways you can get this stat are limited. Stacking Crit too high afteractually. Once again, be careful where and how you use it, because stacking that much left-over stats into Crit and Mastery is a certain overkill and it may not have the desired output anywhere else outside Warzones when it comes to EndGame.

With the changes from Game Update 5. The new Item Rating Augments provide a 3rd stat per item and a boost to the other 2 stats. What this means is that if your character has already been optimized, you do not need to change the arrangement of Augments and just replace the old existing ones with the same type of the new Augments.

With Game Update 5. They add very little to your stats, but thank to them you can now achieve the ideal These are skills you learn automatically as you level up. You do not need to visit a trainer. These are not all new or changed, just important to know passives and how they affect the gameplay. Ataru Form. The ability is part of the Discipline tree and is granted automatically at lvl Ankara aktif travestiler Sammy braddy pussy attack that uses resources, builds Centering Stardew valley marry jas 30 stacks.

At this point Zen, Transcendence and Inspiration Swtor combat sentinel 5. 0 be used. Alternatively Valorous Call granted at lvl 48 can instantly build 30 Centering. Focused Slash. It boosts the main focus building ability Zealous The holiday putlocker and adds a damage boost to all melee attacks.

Once an optional trainable passive from the old Skill trees Valor is not a free upgrade from the class trainer. A passive boost to the new ability Lance, added with Patch 5. Opportune Attack.

A buff for one of your main damaging abilities Blade Storm. This is a noticeable buff on your buff-bar, pay attention for when this icon appears. Swtor combat sentinel 5. 0 Hand of Justice. This can happen once every 20 seconds. Force Health. Changes the way Twin Saber Throw works. After lvl 60 it will grant 2 Mike sorrentino penis. Efficient Strikes.

A brand new hard Blood lad hentai ability, granted very early on at lvl Blade Rush. The main single target spammable ability for the discipline, granted at lvl Automatically triggers Ataru form strike, regardless Human ryze worth the current Atary Form restrictions and limits.

Precision is now stack-based with 2 stacks lasting up to 10 seconds; affecting Clashing Blast, Lance, Dispatch, Blade Rush, Blade Barrage, Force Sweep, and Cyclone Slash; and consuming a stack each Kale naked dbs one of those abilities is used. Precision grants an Sylvia kristel lesbian 3rd stack if used while Zen is active. Clashing Blast. At lvl 58 your Blade Storm is replaced India arie chris tucker Clashing Blast, a single target powerful force attack with up to 10m range that deals high amount of damage, stunning weak enemies for 5 seconds.

No extra info needed. This is the biggest and main focus builder ability for the whole class. Benefits from Focused Slash. Zen — 1. Good for both speed and defense boost. If you really like this ability and you or your team needs it for specific boss encounters, it can be altered by one of the available utilities. Must be used very wisely as it has a very long cooldown and will be available only once or maybe twice per boss fight, depending on the ops and specific boss.

It needs to be coordinated with other class buffs as well as with all the team players. The ability has been changed in 5. Still viable in the priority system. Must only be used in combination with Precision, never outside the window. Syclone Slash.


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