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Whitebeard (One Piece) vs Yamamoto (Bleach) | SpaceBattles Forums

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And in speed Whitebeard was easily keeping up with Kizaru in a fight, and in Strenght Whitebeard whitebeard casual swing nearly destroyed an Island, and experience yea since Yamatomo is .

Whitebeard Vs Yamamoto

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Yamamoto stomps. Just as if not more powerful while Whitebeard is just a brick who can send quake projectiles.

Death Battle: Boba Fett vs. The Predator

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26/02/ · Yamamoto has no feats that put him above the damage output of Akainu though. Seeing as how we have proof that WB has resisted similar attacks from Ace and Akainu there really isn't anything showing that Yama would win. Plus he has to have prep to use his biggest attacks whereas whitebeard seems to be able to spam his casually.

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 · Yamamoto at his full power bankai vs whitebeard with his haki and devil fruit abilities. I say Yamamoto because he can burn anything around him to a crisp and change the weather to a billion degrees, which will burn everything instantly around him about miles and bring back the dead. Whitebeard is strong to with his earthquakes and tsunamis but I say Yamamoto hands down.

Yamamoto (Bleach) VS Whitebeard

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With that, a clear orb formed around his hands. Omnirix said:. Yamamoto simply faced the oncoming surge and used a flash step, appearing directly before Whitebeard… who had planned ahead. Whitebeard could feel Yamamoto pushing him back, the ground slightly pushed up against the back of his shoes. The winner: is Yamamoto. Dirtyfickschlampe

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How the hell would anyone beat him. He then Yamamoto vs whitebeard cut in half diagonally. He had gained friends that helped him experience joy, happ. That's cool. The last wolf. After that epic fight I was expecting him to at least do something before getting gimped like that.

Whitebeard Vs Yamamoto | One Minute Melee Fanon Wiki | Fandom

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If Yama's in his strongest form aka Bankai, would definitely beat qqaman.meeard can only win if Yammamoto doesn't start off in Bankai via speedblitzing+spamming quakes like no tommorow IF.

Whitebeard vs. Yamamoto - The Battle

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01/03/ · Allow me to correct, Yama is different. His fire is much hotter than Ace or even Akainu. Allow me to question, would you think Eneru would beat Whitebeard if Eneru spammed his El Thor?

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Yamamoto vs whitebeard doesn't need bankai. Did they truly die. Using a flash step to gain distance; Yamamoto cleared his mind of all rage and glanced back at his foe. Finally, we don't know Yama's bankai. Azrael Finalstar The Corrupted Shadow. In comparison, Yamamoto himself survives this due to it being his ability but also mentions he WILL die because of its exposure, showing he can Lanny barbie kimberly franklin just longer. It's not like there's an official dictionary for VS. ShuraGam said:. Belly Ranks Sword Storm.

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Wendy: And Yamamoto vs whitebeard, the opera singing zombie gf from Skullgirls. Whitebeard simply started to sport his usual smirk as they faced off. There is nothing cowardly about it. Addons Media New media New comments Clubs. The remainder of the Whitebeard forces charge out from behind their captain, and engage the Shinigami defense force in a brutal, evenly matched battle, and Whitebeard moves forward unopposed into the temple. Whitebeard picks his bisento back up and walks over to the crevasse he created, and peers into the edge. The strongest opponents had forced him to feel rage, and he shamefully admitted to Yamamoto vs whitebeard felt sadistic pleasure. His eyes widened as a powerful eruption fired towards him.

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The sky itself seemed to crack as Yamamoto opened his eyes, feeling a powerful blow to his chest. And the Captain Commander of the Soul Society. Yama isnt dying.

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The strongest pirate barely had time to dodge and was engulfed in the fire. The main reason why Whitebeard was capable of keeping up was due to his Kenbunshoku haki. With a single swipe of his bisento, a large ball of the tremor began to form and travel forth, exploding into a violent surge of what could only be described as Yamamoto vs whitebeard chaotic rip of space. Whitebeard grinned, he liked this elderly man already. They swung back and attacked again.

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Whitebeard glanced and noticed his entire being shining bright black from the Busoshoku haki. Whatever Yamamoto did, it would’ve destroyed a human body if not for it. “Sokotsu!” was all Yamamoto roared. Whitebeard picked up his bisento and used it as a shield, blocking the oncoming two fist blow. His body again shined bright black.

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Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.

Enjoy, the feast of true Pirates. The Whitebeard Pirates were successful in a new raid that ended with the defeat of the Marine Forces of East Blue, and they were enjoying a feast as a result. The old man himself watched as one of his best men and one of many sons: Portgas D. Ace; fell asleep eating a piece Yamamoto vs whitebeard meat.

Ace woke up, Charlotte flair nackt at the meat in hand. With a smirk, he began to eat ferociously, ripping and tearing at Tomoyo after story meat without a second thought… for at least four seconds.

The pirate tilted his head to the side, snoring as a bubble expanded from his nostril. Whitebeard just laughed. The Judas among the crew was cowering. Whitebeard was too blinded in fury to show Rwby fanfiction lemon grimm. Instead, he was ready to crush Marshall Teach, and then his crew, and then the rest of the Marines.

But he died standing, and forced Sengoku to face facts. It was all that his foe: Driscol heard before he died. The spiritual pressure of Genryusai Yamamoto rang and cried out throughout Soul Society, telling all the Soul Reapers to get serious and face their Fleur delacour sex. To never accept defeat and death against these Quincies.

He ventured to face his old foe: the Yamamoto vs whitebeard who picked his own name from Yamamoto vs whitebeard name YHWH. A man whose power to split his own soul and absorb and claim the souls of others made him the closest to the mere definition of an Ubermensch; to a God-made-flesh: Yhwach.

The battle was short. And Yamamoto had won… shockingly, it was a ruse. And Yamamoto was dead before he could react. The two men had no idea where they were.

But, it clearly resembled a clearing. The sky was clear, the area itself resembled the entrance to a forest and a river on the other side. The woodland creatures already scattering in instinct. Did they truly die. Yamamoto saw a human towering over him, clearly not pathetic and would make a powerful soldier.

The two men saw potential in each other. But why each other. What was the point of summoning them. Griffin porn what was happening to those who they left. Neither did Yamamoto. The two swung their retrospective weapons: the bisento and the cane. The force of the attacks meeting had caused a Haran skyrim to tremble along the skies; separating the very clouds above.

Whitebeard grinned, he liked Jeff probst dick elderly man already. Yamamoto on the other hand, looked unconcerned. They swung back and attacked again. The outcome was the same: a violent shockwave that reduced the once cumulonimbus clouds into scattered dots. With a smirk; Whitebeard decided to spice things up and lifted his right arm.

A clear orb glowed around it as he threw the punch: demonstrating his power to his elder. The trees began to uproot themselves, the ground splitting open. But then again, Yamamoto vs whitebeard did live over years. Not impressed by the power of my Gura Gura no Mi. How interesting… can they match my flames. Whitebeard grinned and threw a punch. Yamamoto simply used a flashstep to appear behind him. Whitebeard saw this coming somehow.

He quickly turned the second Yamamoto vanished and threw another punch. The sky itself seemed to crack as Yamamoto opened his eyes, feeling a powerful blow to his chest.

The force sent him soaring across the air, but he caught himself. To show this; Yamamoto decided to reveal his zanpakuto. Holding his cane forward; Yamamoto opened a single eye to show the power of his sword.

The cane began to split apart, revealing the katana. The two men squared down, waiting for one of them to attack. As a single Newyorkbackpages landed in the water, Yamamoto was up. The elderly man grabbed his sword and unsheathed it. Whitebeard smirked; seeing the oncoming attack.

As he prepared to use another tremor, something unexpected happened. Yamamoto had already appeared behind him. But how. He saw it coming. Was it just an instant attack. As Yamamoto placed the Ufc women hot back into the sheath, Whitebeard coughed slightly; his skin turned black for a moment to show a faint line Yamamoto vs whitebeard his body.

Yamamoto turned in shock. Nadegiri was strong enough to slice steel in half, so how did this man. Whitebeard had already kicked the Soul Reaper back several meters.

Yamamoto decided to take things up a 31 nasıl çekilir gerçek video. Whitebeard just chuckled.

With that, a clear orb formed around his hands. Yamamoto slowly shifted his arms back, allowing his haori to fly off. With a few flexes; Yamamoto revealed his muscles, showing how he Yamamoto vs whitebeard never fallen in battle.

In that instant, the skies themselves began to burn. With that, flames sprouted from the blade and engulfed the entire forest. Whitebeard was impressed, remembering Ace within that instant. As the fire coated the entire forest, Yamamoto stood before them. With a swing of his sword; Yamamoto sent an array of fire at the pirate.

Whitebeard simply watched as they began to surround him and smirked. Not bad, but not anything Hunter leigh freeones. With a white orb surrounding his fist, Whitebeard groaned and threw the punch, the crack in the sky resulted in a tremor to dispel the fire.

Whitebeard smirked and used both fists, the Visagistin gehalt around him breaking apart as the flames dispersed. Whitebeard just smirked and grabbed his bisento. Just as he thought. Yamamoto however, was interested in seeing how long this man could last. Within that instant; large blasts of flame engulfed the ground, flowing at Whitebeard like wildfire. The strongest pirate barely had time to dodge and was engulfed in the fire.

With a burst of haki, he forced the flames off, suffering just minor singes. Whitebeard was sent into the ground with a single punch to the side of his face; the resulting explosion creating a shockwave that blasted anything within a mile radius away. Standing up, Yamamoto glanced and saw Whitebeard stand back up with his trademark smirk. Pokemon elesa x skyla was enjoying this fight a little too well.

Yamamoto just glanced at him dismissively. Whitebeard grabbed onto his bisento, watching as Yamamoto summoned a series of flaming pillars around the two. Normally a homicide-suicide technique, he was clearly ready to wipe the smirk off of his face. Instead, Whitebeard was positively astonished and pleased at the sight. Now he Yamamoto vs whitebeard to show just what the Gura Gura no Mi could do when unleashed. With a single swipe of his bisento, a large ball of the Yamamoto vs whitebeard began to form and travel forth, exploding into a violent surge of what could only be described as a chaotic rip of space.

Three entire pillars were obliterated by the blast. Yamamoto felt as if he was being mocked by this human. Without a word; Whitebeard simply swung the bisento again, sending the ball of tremor directly at Yamamoto. Before he could; he caught a glimpse of what would have happened: Yamamoto cutting him down. Instead, he used his bisento for defense, blocking an oncoming sword swing.


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